Our Team

Key Leaders

Rajeev Bhargava

Rajeev Bhargava


  • Received his patent from USPTO 7908160 in 2011
  • Funded and led a team of engineers that extended the Rapide pattern software language to enable behavior models to perform formal verification on system inputs in real time autonomously.
  • Decision-Zone’s platform builds agile real-time formal verification applications in < 3 months. The only other way is to build hardware control logic, but it would require >10 years of non-agile development lifecycle.

Dr. John Kenney

Chief Evangelist Officer

  • Received his PhD from Stanford University 1996
  • A key author in the DARPA-funded team that developed the Rapide pattern software language for the formal verification of system inputs in a distributed system with numerous components working concurrently and independent of each other.

Rocco Magnotta

Acting Chief Operating Officer

  • Vice President Strategic Partnerships QNext
  • Has been in various sales, marketing and management roles with both startups and large vendors for over 35 years.

Dr. Sarah Eaton

Chief Marketing Officer
Alignment Strategist

  • Received her PhD in Philosophy in 1998 from Yale University  
  • Held academic positions at John Jay College (CUNY), Eastern Michigan University,  and Marygrove College teaching ethics and applied ethics, among other subjects
  •  Research focus on the work of D.G. Leahy’s “Thinking Now Occurring” as related to AI/ AGI.

Julie Won

Sales and Marketing

  • Experienced as a business consultant in the pharmaceutical industry and business development manager in bio start-ups.
Yohann Pyo

Yohann Pyo

Business Development

  • Experienced as a senior researcher and system designer for Smart Cities, Seoul South Korea
  • Part of Decision-Zone’s team since 2015.