DADA-X AGI Platform

Our Mission

Our mission is enabling reliable and secure AGI for systems that think: learning, understanding, operating dynamically, making decisions autonomously.

Artificial General Intelligence is now widely recognized to be within reach.  Yet we believe that AGI requires a transformative shift from the current batch training and AI/ data processing approach, to a more powerful model based and event driven software.  

We shift the focus from data processing to knowledge and information acquisition in AGI Development.

The DADA X Decentralized Autonomous Decisioning Agent platform will advance systems to the next-generation cognitive level of general intelligence.  To manage the complexity of distributed systems and bring together Natural Language understanding, Machine Learning, and Vision systems, a Top-Level Agent is required which can deploy models for learning, self-correction, and self-healing. 

For a deep dive, read our AGI Whitepaper.

Intelligence, in the context of human cognition, refers to the ability to learn, reason, problem-solve, understand, and adapt to new situations. It involves processing information, drawing inferences, and making decisions based on that information. 

The goal of Artificial Intelligence is to create systems that can exhibit intelligent behavior, solve complex problems, and perform tasks that typically require human intelligence.  AI aims to develop computer programs or systems that can exhibit problem-solving, decision making, perception, understanding, and learning abilities, at a level at least similar to human intelligence.  We believe that true Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) must go beyond mere understanding, to the higher level of reason, reflection and meta-cognition for the qualities of agency and autonomy to be realized.  AGI is a virtual perception-language-action unified autonomous agent.


Perception and language capabilities are not seen fundamentally as huge data processing problems.  Instead, we approach the grounding problem as a matter of information acquisition.  Acquisition refers to the learning process through which the AGI system gains the ability to understand and generate language or recognize visual patterns. The goal is a system that is always beginning, innovating, creating and sharing the absolute edge of consciousness. The thinking machine must actualize its very first thought in the mode of acquisition, rather than in the mode of processing. It must enter the stream, not hang back from the flow in relationship to the flow, which is all current technology can do. In the stream of events, language acquisition and vision acquisition overtake processing as the key to understanding.