DADA X - Decentralized Autonomous Decisioning Agent
and Event-Based Development Platform for Causal AGI



Current AI

Our DADA X agent platform, offers a superior alternative to traditional LLM-based black box AI by prioritizing human control, transparency, adaptability, and ethical use. By embracing this next-generation technology, we can unlock new possibilities and ensure a safer, more beneficial future for human society.

The black box nature of LLMs raises ethical and security concerns, as creators struggle to maintain control and prevent detrimental consequences to humanity via unexpected and potentially harmful outcomes.

The DADA X Platform:

A New Paradigm

Machines that Think, Reason and Act
What Autonomous Agents Need Is 'Now'

The observing consciousness is aware of a stream of events passing into now. The agent’s activity is a dynamic projection from the past into the future.

Stored data exists inherently in the past. Live events are ephemeral.

An Agent must work in the present moment, observing, understanding, responding and controlling the live stream of complex events passing into the system.

Design Time Platform
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Our no-code development experience reduces the development lifecycle from years to months.

The DADA X platform facilitates the development of various applications and services that leverage event-driven capabilities, fostering innovation and growth in multiple sectors.

Transforming application development from a data processing model to a real-time, event-driven model will lead to more responsive, scalable, and resilient applications that can react to changes and provide real-time insights.

  • DADA X live anomaly and performance portal allows users to view performance of systems events and anomalous events graphically.
  • Design time platform is used to verify the correctness of the model using simulated system events. Once the model has been verified, live system events are connected to the models for simulations and verifications.
  • Rapide ADL pattern language causal operators have been ported into JAVA.
  • Design time platform builds live process audit application for DADA X that is J2EE compatible. 
Run-Time Platform

DADA X can monitor over 100 million events per second.

 Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) must operate in real-time, not as a batch process.  DADA X technology is the key to building cognitive and intelligent systems using discovered or predefined behavior models. It is the foundation of event-based AGI.

Models along with the system event sources are compiled into causal event patterns. The run-time platform deploys the causal event patterns into J2EE compatible DADA X engine and manages load balancing, alerts, response and smart data outputs to OLAP portals and existing JMX consoles.

  • DADA X live audits every system event.
  • There is no limit on how many event sources can be used. 
  • The live anomaly and performance portal allows users to view performance of systems events and anomalous events graphically for insight.